Manufacturing / Packaging

The production is conducted through a traditional press procedure and heat-treating to retain the fresh flavor and vitamins of apples. We are using an average of 8,5 kg apples for a 5 liter box and 0,3 kg for a 200 ml packet.

The 5 liter type is available in a so called „bag-in-box”, which means a special packaging technology. The apple juice is stored in an internal, hermetic box, which protects the product from oxidation and sunshine perfectly. With the help of a tap you can pour the desired quantity of apple juice. Inside of the box the bag shrinks continuously during the consumption and prevents any interaction with air. After the opening of the box the quality of the apple juice remains the same for 3 weeks this way. Furthermore the box is equipped with a handle to facilitate the easy transportation. The 200 ml packet has a screw cap, which could be closed comfortably and safely.

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